SpongeBob DX Racing 2 logo

The Logo to the upcoming sequel

Coming Soon in Q1 2017, the Sequel to the best seller SpongeBob DX Racing will be released. The game will feature new characters, new tracks, more themes from later spinoffs (such as Former Bikini Bottom), new elements, new items, new unlockables, new trophies, new difficulty settings and much more. Also coming soon, and something to keep an eye on is SpongeBob DX Season 1+2 DVD Boxset, SpongeBob DX Season 1 (full) and (partial) editions, and SpongeBob DX Season 2 (full) and (partial), SpongeBob DX Secret Secrets. Also keep an eye out for Alvin: The Voice Stealer, the new episode begining production on September 6, 2016. It will feature Microsoft Sam, Viacom, and Go! Animate. all 3 elements all mixed into one special. Coming September 6th. Also, opening the Language helper, which anyone who knows another language can help with translations, contact Tom for more info. Well, that's probably about it for advertisements, be sure to spam this to your friends and future copypasta advertisements for the series will come soon in future updates. Just Remember, Fanon Sponge TV, FOR THE FANS.

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